The Complete Guide to Pool Cleaning

This comprehensive cleaning guide will walk you through the steps to make your pool sparkle again, whether opening or closing. However, unlike spring-cleaning the house, repairing murky or green pools can take a few days.

Whatever the circumstances, four important actions must be taken to restore your pool’s health. As follows:

  1. Use a leaf net to clear away debris
    The pool’s surface will probably have a layer of scum on it. To clear trash from the water’s surface, use a leaf net rather than a skimmer. Hardware stores and certain pool shops sell leaf netting.


  2. Adjust the chemicals
    A murky pool is probably full of undesirable microorganisms and unfit for usage. You must modify the chemistry to counter this. It would help to first use a test strip to ascertain your chemical levels. The ideal pH level is between 7.5 and 7.8; thus, you must use a pH reducer to increase it. Be aware that you also require an alkalinity booster. You must shock the pool if there is a significant accumulation of algae. Over a few days, add 12–14 L of shock. The water will turn clear, pale green, or clouded white if used properly. Keep adding a shock treatment if nothing has changed.


  3. Keep your filter running
    For a few days, you’ll need to run the pool filter continuously to remove undesired particles and bacteria that have gathered in the water. Always backwash your filter three to four times daily. When cleaning murky pools, it is typical to backwash regularly because green water can clog and harm a filter. Note that you should contact a pool specialist to have your filtration system checked if your pool does not clear.


  4. Keep the pool floor clean
    Cleaning the pool floor is the last step. Use both a pool cleaner and a long pool brush to do this. To ensure your pool is safe for swimming, we advise visiting a pool professional in the most severe cases of debris build-up. To prevent further harm, you should always inspect your pipes for obstructions and your filter system for wear.