Maintaining A Pool When Not In Use

You would like to spend more time swimming in your pool than cleaning it. But to keep a swimming pool in top shape, it needs regular upkeep, much as a house does. The positive news: You can keep your pool looking and feeling swim-ready with a little weekly upkeep, ensuring no delays when you want to dip. 

Here are a few tips for maintaining your pool when it’s not in use:

  1. Every few days, empty the debris from your skimmer basket. Run your hand skimmer through the water to eliminate any leaves, dirt, sticks, or wildlife that may have gotten into the pool, depending on how unkempt it has become. To remove larger objects from the pool, use a net.


  2. Check your water’s pH balance, alkalinity, and appropriate chlorine levels at least once a week. This will lessen the likelihood that the watercolour will become infested with algae and turn a sickly green or black. Maintaining water balance will also guarantee that the water is pleasant, clean, and clear and won’t burn your eyes when you plunge into the pool.

  3. Every week, clean and vacuum your pool. The purpose of an automatic pool cleaner is to maintain a clean pool clean, but regular brushing and vacuuming are still required. Use a brush to scrub the pool’s sides to eliminate algae growth.
  4. Check the water level in the pool. Water will be removed from the pool via evaporation, splash-out, and vacuuming, which may interfere with the skimmer’s ability to function. The skimmer weir door should be covered by water at least halfway up. Your pump may burn out if there is no water entering. The debris may only be efficiently gathered if the water levels are sufficiently high. If it’s not high enough, add water; pump some out if it’s too high.

  5. Filter backwashing is necessary. Watch for the filter pressure to be 8–10 PSI greater than the clean filter running pressure as a general rule. (When working with variable-speed pumps, pay close attention to the RPM reading.) Clean water and grime can be removed by backwashing.

  6. Clear the debris filter basket in the pool pump of any obstructions. Remove the basket and the garbage within, shut the skimmer valve, and turn off the pump.

Bonus Advice

Think about purchasing a pool cover. It can facilitate evaporation and splash-out and help lessen the pool’s residue quantity. Remove any leaves or puddles accumulating on a pool cover since they might weigh it down in the centre and require maintenance.

Reducing the height of trees and plants is another technique to stop extra trash from getting into the pool. Rake the yard frequently in the fall to keep the leaves off the pool and out of the yard.

Call a pool expert for assistance if you have any inquiries about pool maintenance.