Baracuda Ranger Troubleshooting

Baracuda Troubleshooting Tips:

Follow these troubleshooting tips for the Baracuda Ranger, and your pool cleaning schedule will never be interrupted again.

Our Baracuda pool experts provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Baracuda pool cleaner below, including: 

Your Ranger does not reach the shallow end of the pool or moves in a fixed pattern.

Is the hose long enough?

Is the hose affected by the return flow?

Are the hose lengths straight?

Add more sections of the hose.

Adjust the return outlet towards the bottom of the pool to make sure that the jet of water does not influence the direction of the Ranger hose.


Your Ranger climbs above the water level.

Your Ranger does not climb the walls easily.

Is there too much suction? Is there sufficient suction?

Check that the Auto Weir Valve is not blocked by leaves and preventing the water from flowing through the Auto Weir Valve.

Adjust Auto Weir Valve setting (Refer to correct settings on the owners manual)

Make sure the filter is clean.

Adjust Auto Weir Valve setting (Refer to correct setting provided on the owners manual)

Your Ranger is sticking to corners or at the steps.Check the hose length (Refer to the owner’s manual).

Return to your nearest pool store for checking.

Remove the Cassette unit from the main body and rinse both to flush

out debris.