Everything You Need to Know About Suction Cleaners

As a pool owner, you’ve probably heard of a suction pool cleaner — one of the three main types of automatic cleaners. Automatic cleaners are the easiest and most effective way to maintain your pool. A suction pool cleaner is an automatic option that’s quiet, simple and cost-effective.

When finding the right pool cleaner for you, knowing your pool’s unique needs and how different pool cleaners work is important. Let’s dive deep into one of the market’s most popular automatic suction pool cleaners.

What is a Suction Pool Cleaner?
A suction pool cleaner is a simple cleaner that uses your pool’s existing filtration system to keep everything clean. It connects directly to your skimmer or a dedicated suction line that pulls water into the pump. The cleaner then moves around the pool, suctioning up sediment and debris and sending it to the pump filter basket and the pool filter.

Pools have a filtration system that keeps the pool water filtered and clean. In basic terms, the “heart” of this system is your pool’s pump. The pump is responsible for pulling and pushing water and filtering out debris. The pump sucks water into the skimmer; a filter collects dirt and debris as the water flows through. Finally, the pump pushes the freshly filtered clean water back into your pool.

Is a Suction Pool Cleaner Right for Me?
Your dedicated pool professional is the best person to answer this question. While suction pool cleaners are accessible and affordable, they aren’t right for everyone or every pool.

Ensuring that your suction pool cleaner is compatible with your pool type and finish is essential. Also, consider what kind of debris your cleaner will encounter regularly. Not all suction cleaners can handle larger items like leaves, pine cones or twigs.

Suction-side pool cleaners are terrific at picking up small-to-medium-sized debris such as fine sediment, seeds, dirt, silt, algae and small leaves. Models vary, but Baracuda‘s suction-side models are safe to use on fibreglass, tile, concrete and vinyl pools. There is a Baracuda suction cleaner for in-ground pools of every size.

Main Benefits of Baracuda Suction Cleaners:
Baracuda Tracker and Baracuda Ranger cleaners are marked above the rest when looking for the best suction pool cleaner. These suction-side pool cleaners offer many clear benefits, including:

  1. They run using your pool’s existing filtration system
  2. They feature cyclonic scrubbing brushes for superior cleaning
  3. They climb walls and scrub at the waterline to remove stuck-on debris
  4. They’re safe to use on most pool types
  5. They’re quiet and operate on their own
  6.  No extra storage basket is required
  7. You can use them as often as necessary
  8. They’re terrific at picking up small-to-medium debris

A suction pool cleaner has many advantages. Remember that these cleaners rely exclusively on the main pool pump and filtration system and must be manually connected to the hose each time you use them.
Suction-side cleaners aren’t the only type of automatic pool cleaners available through Baracuda. There are also robotic cleaners. These cleaners present unique benefits, which we’ll discuss in an upcoming article.

Making the Right Choice:

Automatic pool cleaners are effective tools for keeping your pool clean while eliminating the hassle of manual cleaning. If you’re looking for the best suction pool cleaner on the market, Baracuda’s suction-side cleaners are the right choice.