Difference Between Pool Pump & Filter

The quick answer is that your pool’s circulation is maintained by the pool pump and filter, which together keep your pool clean. 

What do pumps do?

The heart of your circulation system and your pool is your pump. Circulating involves pumping water around the pool to travel through the filter and be cleaned of dirt and debris. Your pool needs circulation because it aids in the following:

  • Eliminate impurities from the water
  • Return the pool’s heated water with a pump (if a heater is being used)
  • and more effectively distributing pool chemicals throughout the water.

The impeller, a fan-like device, the pump basket, and the water discharge make up the pump. The pump basket catches trash and leaves. The connection point, the discharge, forces water from the pump into the filter’s housing. Pool pumps should typically run for about:

  • In the summer, 8–10 hours every day
  • In the winter, 4-6 hours every day

Why do we filter?

The filtration system’s goal is to ensure that all water is passed through the filter to get rid of invisible impurities and keep the pool safe and sanitary. Additionally, it guarantees that the water temperature is maintained consistently and that the sanitiser is well-blended and disseminated.

Filtration that is in good condition and of the right size eliminates particles from pool water, which helps to lessen murky or foggy water.

Water is filtered through a media that collects particles but allows liquid to pass through. At Baracuda, we emphasise two categories of filters:

  1. Cartridge filters: These devices use the surface filtering technique and are economical and energy efficient. A cartridge filter typically consists of a cylindrical tank with a detachable pleated filter element through which water is filtered. Because of their huge surface area and ability to work at lower speeds, cartridge filters may remove particles as small as 10 microns.
  2. Media filters: Ideal for pool owners who wish to spend less time maintaining their pool because they employ the depth filtering procedure. Media filters are spherical tanks that may hold several kinds of filtration media. The media filter, which catches minute particles while still allowing the water to pass through and return to the pool, receives water from the pool by pumping it into it.

No matter which pump and filter are used for the job, they must be kept in good condition to guarantee that they constantly perform to their capacity and prolong their service life.