Baracuda Pool Pump Calculator

Key reasons to consider the Baracuda IE2 Single Speed Pool Pump Range:

1. IE2 motors are more energy efficient than the industry standard of IE1
2. The efficient IE2 motor together with the high flow pump design means in many cases you can reduce your pump size
3. The IE2 motor design is more robust and will last longer than the industry standard IE1
4. Noise reduction
5. 3-year Warranty on the motor windings and the pump body

Key reasons to consider the Baracuda Inverter Pool Pump Range:

1. Solar system compatible
2. The control panel allows for changes in speed which reduces energy consumption
3. Inverter motors last longer than the IE1 industry standard single speed motors due to the reduced workload when reducing the speed
4. Significant noise reduction when compared to a standard IE1 single speed pool pump
5. 3-year Warranty on the motor windings and the pump body

Important Notes and Influencing Factors:

1. Pumps need electricity to work, make sure the Available Daily Hours are more than the Calculated Hours required
2. Heating Solar Panels on the roof require higher flow to move the water to the roof and through the panels
3. Complex installations where there is significant changes in elevation and distances from the pool to the pump will require a higher flow
4. Consider future expansion plans for the Pool and/or Spa if you are going to add equipment later
5. Ensure that the water reticulation within the Pool is sufficient as this will impact the water quality and chemical demand
6. Make sure that the hydraulic system, pipes and fittings and valves, are of a suitable size (minimum of 50mm and 63mm for the 1.10kW Titan 2 SS), to ensure there is as low as possible load loss in the system

Pump Affinity Calculator

The 3 Pump Affinity Laws are mathematical calculations used when changing the speed of a pool pump

  • LAW 1. 10% Reduction in Speed = EQUAL Reduction in Flow
  • LAW 2. 10% Reduction in Speed = SQUARED Reduction in Head
  • LAW 3. 10% Reduction in Speed = CUBED Reduction in Energy Consumption