pool cleaning

Even if you have a robot doing the grunt work, the human touch is going to be required for some jobs. Check out the Bara range of manual tools and accessories here.

To remove leaves

Got a leaf problem? BARACUDA® has got you covered with a range of shovels and rakes, and even a Leaf Eater which connects to your BARACUDA® automatic pool suction cleaner.


To brush floor & walls

BARACUDA® offers three kinds of pool brushes to meet all your needs when it comes to brushing the pool floor, steps and walls before vacuuming.

To vacuum debris

Once you’ve brushed your pool walls, steps and floor, you’ll need to vacuum up all the debris at the bottom of the pool. BARACUDA® vacuum heads make fast and easy work of it.


Skimmer basket & accessories

Checking that your skimmer basket is in prime condition and empty of any debris is the first step to a clean and healthy pool. BARACUDA® Filter Sox is simple to clean and can help extend filter cycles.

Tools & accessories

BARACUDA® has a wide range of handy tools that will help you fix or maintain your pool quickly and easily, ensuring maximum pool enjoyment.